SEG Plaza reopens after masts removed

Writer: Zhang Yu  |  Editor: Holly Wang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-10-24
咪乐|直播|ios ”关于贵州省过去一年的发展建设情况,孙志刚介绍说,贵州“连续发起脱贫攻坚春季攻势、夏季大比武、秋季攻势,全面打响以农村‘组组通’公路为重点的基础设施建设、易地搬迁扶贫、产业扶贫、教育医疗住房‘三保障’等‘四场硬仗’,贫困人口大幅减少,越来越多的贫困村寨通了硬化路,越来越多的贫困群众住上了新房子,越来越多的黔货走出了大山,人民群众的获得感和幸福感不断增强。

SEG Plaza in Huaqiangbei in Futian District officially resumed operation yesterday after the masts atop of the building were removed and the building’s main structure has met the standards for use, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

Tenants selling electronic goods in the high-rise started moving back to the building yesterday to resume work and business operations.

The SEG Plaza, a 355.8-meter-tall skyscraper known as the go-to place for electronic products in South China, had been closed since May due to swaying caused by a vortex-induced resonance brought by wind and the aged masts of the building. Tenants in the building were evacuated quickly after it wobbled.

Removing the two masts atop the building has eliminated the resonance source, said the city authority-commissioned investigators, adding that in normal circumstances, the building is unlikely to wobble again.

The dismantlement of the 51.2-meter-tall masts, weighing 236 tons in total, began Aug. 9 and was completed Aug. 21. The removal of the masts was conducted in the building’s 292-meter-high roof.

Shenzhen Electronics Group Co. Ltd., developer of SEG Plaza, said that in order to ensure the building’s safety, the company will entrust professional institutions to formulate specific plans and carry out the building’s long-term monitoring accordingly.

Completed in 2000, SEG Plaza houses the SEG electronics market and offices and is one of Shenzhen’s tallest and most iconic buildings.